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Patric Foley-Brickley
+44 (0)1245 459962
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Chantal Cantin
Head of Marketing
+27 21 681 8012
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Latest news

Phoenix Fund Services is now Maitland

On 4 April 2016 Phoenix Fund Services (UK) Ltd rebranded as Maitland Institutional Services Limited. This follows the acquisition of Phoenix Fund Services by Maitland in June 2015. Maitland is a global fund management and fund administration provider with over £170 billion in assets under its care.

All "PFS Funds" will now be known as "MI Funds” and all fund and manager data can be found on this website. Please follow the links below which will direct you to the information and data page for the MI fund range, MI investment trusts and contacts.

We look forward to continuing to provide UK fund management services to you over the coming years.

Access MI funds data>

Access MI investment trusts data> 

Access MI funds dealing & fund enquiry lines>